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What's New?

What am I working on right now?

The gift of having a fairly empty summer break before teaching (something I'm not used to) is I have SO MUCH practicing time!

My main goals for this summer: intonation and exposure to orchestral excerpts.

With my intonation I intend to SLOW DOWN my practicing a lot. With the past four years of hectic no-time-to-breathe music major life over, I have the opportunity to really slow down and focus on very specific elements of my playing. The Trevor Wye books will be my best friend for this!

I've also decided to focus on the orchestral excerpts that I didn't get any exposure to in my undergraduate degree. First up: Bach's St. Matthew's Passion BMV 244, Aria 58 "Aus Liebe." In addition, I intend to go back to Mozart's Concerto in G, KV 313.

Unmute: Let's talk flute!

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